English activity 3rd ESO

Celebrity interview

This trimester we have been working on some projects of famous people, we watched a documentary and then we had to do a video about an interviewer who interviews two celebrities that the group chooses.

The first thing that we worked on was a documentary on Avicii, a famous singer that last year he passed away. This documentary showed us the life that he had when he was famous. Also he had a lot of problems like depression and drinking problems as well. After watching this documentary (we watched it in about two or three classes) we had to do an opinion essay about the documentary. We had to write our opinion (like I said before) on what would you do if you were him, what did you think of the video and if we would like to be famous.

The second thing we did was making a made up interview with two famous people of our choice. We had a few classes to prepare everything, like all the questions the interviewer would ask the celebrities. Then after the holidays we have to film a video that would explain everything between 5 to 10 minutes.

Well that was all we did about celebrities. Personally i thought is was fun because we had fun filming the video (at least my group did).

By: Núria Piferrer

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